Imaging Blueprint is an online audio database; containing Sound Design, Music Beds, Artist Imaging Work Parts, Vocal Work Parts and Topical Elements.

We specialize in audio branding. We live and breathe it!

In an industry where the great and good are losing their jobs; consolidation is commonplace and generic production services are replacing talented producers, Imaging Blueprint sets out to empower!

It's not just about sticking your call letters in the gap provided, it's about giving the power back! Breaking down the work parts into clever and simple building blocks allowing the producer to be truly creative.

With over 30 years experience and multiple awards the Imaging Blueprint team is truly exceptional! From established producers who's work has been heard on:
BBC Radio 1... 95.8 Capital FM... Kiss 100... Heart... XFM... Nova... KIIS... Virgin Radio... and Z100 to name just a few.

Imaging Blueprint, the foundation for your station.

Constantly updating---Market exclusive---On demand 24/7 ready for your deadlines.

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