The Blueprint... To Radio Imaging

December Highlights

Live across six continents and heard across the world's biggest radio stations.
All artist access... The largest artist tool kit of any updating service!
Production Construction... FROM THE GROUND UP

Q4 2021 Highlights

Brand your station... without saying a word!
Using the same instruments the artists use in their songs.
We replicate the sound of today's CHR & HOT AC playlists.
Extremely PPM friendly. Keep the music flowing... with BLUEPRINT LOGOS

Build, construct and create award-winning production with YOUR sound

We deal in imaging world firsts!

benefits of product

Vocal Processor

Whether you're looking for a new vocal sound, in a rush or simply don't have the tools to process your VO in-house.

benefits of product

Imaging Calendar

Not sure when Father's Day is? Check the calendar, find the day and be taken to all the relevant content.

benefits of product

Artist Notifications

Follow artists and get email alerts when new content is added to their page.


Plus the Essentials... Daily Updated Content   •   Defined Audio Categories   •   Intuitive Search Functionality   •   Personal Layout


Sonically stimulate your station sound

Imaging Blueprint is an online audio database; containing Sound Design, Music Beds, Artist Imaging Work Parts, Vocal Work Parts and Topical Elements.

We specialize in audio branding. We live and breathe it!

In an industry where the great and good are losing their jobs; consolidation is commonplace and generic production services are replacing talented producers, Imaging Blueprint sets out to empower.

It's not just about sticking your call letters in the gap provided, it's about giving the power back! Breaking down the work parts into clever and simple building blocks allowing the producer to be truly creative.


Download • Import • Create

As multiple award winners, the Blueprint team is experienced and truly exceptional. From established producers whose work has been heard on: BBC Radio 1… KIIS… Capital FM… NRJ… Fun Radio… AMP Radio… Virgin Radio… and Z100 to name just a few.

Imaging Blueprint and Blueprint Logos are the foundations for your station.

Constantly updating --- Market exclusive --- On demand 24/7 ready for your deadlines.

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