Construction Series - Reverb

This plugin is a two-band algorithmic reverb created for adding space and depth to voice-overs. It features an internal ducker to maximise speech intelligibility, plus a shimmer and style control to tune the reverb sound to voice type & taste.

The Construction Reverb lets you quickly create spacious voice-overs that cut through your mix. Like the rest of this series, it’s designed with radio imaging and voice-overs in mind. If you’d like an installer please visit our contact page and fill out the form.

It made sense to follow up on our first 3 plugins with a Reverb. It was the logical way to go. We’ve created something simple and intuitive to use. 

Other reverbs we use in our IB sessions include: 


Valhalla Shimmer -

SSL FlexVerb -

D-Verb -

Each of the three plugins, whilst doing essentially the same thing, have different characteristics. Don't be fooled by price either. D-Verb, whilst not the most flexible reverb on the list, is a great little utility plug-in, light on cpu resources, and easy to use in multiple instances.