The Imaging Hangout Podcast - Episode 12 - Ashley Bard & Howard Ritchie

The Imaging Hangout is back once again with episode 12, and we’ve gone big!

Join us as we chat with Global Radio’s Group Head of Brand Sound Design, Ashley Bard. Along with brand VO extraordinaire, Mr Howard Ritchie.
We play a game of Secret Sound inside Ash’s new apartment and hear how he & his team create imaging for Capital’s iconic…Jingle Bell Balls at Wembley Stadium and the O2 Arena!

Howard divulges what it was like for a Voice Over during lockdown. Not being able to record in the Capital studios with the Producers and the difficulties trying to replicate the microphone processing sound from home. He also takes us through his day to day of voicing for radio stations in Australia, Dubai & South Africa.

We also discuss new ways for talent to enter radio imaging and how Ash whittled down 211 applicants for a new position in his team!

We hope you enjoy this episode, it’s such a pleasure to chat with top creatives!
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