The Imaging Hangout Podcast - Episode 13 - Jeff Schmidt & Jeff Nielson

We had the pleasure of chatting with the 2 Jeff's! Jeff Schmidt aka 'Schmiddy' former Alien Imaging big dogg & now Podcast Producer extrodinaire and Jeff Nielson aka 'Aussie Jeff' a creative writing genius from WSFM in Sydney.

Schmiddy took us inside the fascinating world of binaural audio in podcasting. Recording true crime podcasts with Stranger Things actor David Harbour.Aussie Jeff showcased his humour and comic timing for Classic Hits imaging on 80s Weekend promos and big station tactics.

We hope you enjoy this episode, it’s always such a pleasure to converse with such great talent. If you have any suggestions for future guests please let us know, email [email protected]

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This episode is dedicated to our friend Forrest Martin who we sadly lost. He'll be sorely missed.