The Imaging Hangout Podcast - Episode 2 - Brendan ‘BT’ Tacey & Trevor Stern

We’re back for Episode 2 this time with Brendan ‘BT’ Tacey from Southern Cross Austereo (Australia) and Trevor Stern from 104.7 KISS FM/MIX 96.9 in Phoenix, Arizona.


The 'Imaging Hangout' is a non-scripted chat between friends and fellow Imaging Producers. The world is in a pretty crazy place right now and talking is great for our mental health. We wanted to continue conversing with some of the industry's finest. See how they're scheduling their days, share ideas, chat about anything and everything.

In this episode, we chat about well-known YouTuber Rick Beato, how networks are adapting their programming and what REALLY happened to BT in Amsterdam during the Imaging Days a few years ago. ;-)


If you'd like to be part of the conversation just email one of the guys or use [email protected]

Not only that, but we might also be able to pair you with a Producer you've always admired and wanted to chat with.

Thanks for listening, it’s a joy to put these together and we hope that comes across in the audio.


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