The Imaging Hangout Podcast - Episode 5 - Liam Hadley & Patrick Rice

Welcome to Episode 5, our guests this time are Liam Hadley, Imaging Producer, BBC Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James. Joining him is Pricey aka P.A.T aka Patrick Rice, Audio Producer for Kyle & Jackie O on KIIS 106.5!


We chat about 'Up Yours Corona' , the recent huge stunt Greg James has started on BBC Radio 1, this time with the entire world getting involved! We cover our biggest 'F Ups' on air or in the Prod studio.

Of course we cover our favourite plugins and recent additions to our DAWs plus Pricey let us in on what it's like to have your imaging scrutinised live on air!


We hope you laugh with/at us and enjoy this fantastic episode!

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