The Imaging Hangout Podcast - Episode 7 - Miles Hvilko & Gordon Lundy

Welcome to Episode 7, our guests this time are Miles Hlivko, 102.7 KIIS FM Imaging Director for iHeart Media and joining him we have the 2020 Audio Production Awards UK Gold Winner; Gordon Lundy from Absolute Radio.


We discuss pathways into the industry for new producers & creatives.

We hear how Gordy directs Bafta winning comedian and voice over Matt Berry, for Absolute Radio and he tells us why he has to produce Imaging that will never make it to air!


We showcase some dodgy accents and put our friends to the test to see who can do the best Arnie impression. We also talk about Miles' love for comedy songs, highlighted in his clever Twenty One Pirates parody for The Woody Show.


As always, we thank you for listening. We hope you have a laugh with us and learn from these incredible producers who specialize in hilarious and creative imaging!

(Psst) After the podcast closer we’ve included a few bonus cuts from Gordy’s Gold winning entry for Absolute Radio 40s.


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