The Imaging Hangout Podcast - Episode 8 - KISS UK vs KIIS Australia


Episode 8 is finally here. This is our socially distanced ‘Kiss Off’!

Oli Pengilly & Jared Lucas from Kiss FM UK & Daniel Hunt from KIIS Australia are our talented guests!

We dissect a few radio myths.
Why do promos have to be 30/40 seconds?
Do we always have to end with the station name?
Are there alternative options?

We chat calendar dates as Kiss’ take on Halloween imaging with thrilling movie-esque results. We also discuss the use of VOs outside your normal station voices, for e.g. how children and foreign accents can make your imaging pop out the speakers!

Oli P showcases his rapping pedigree, and Daniel takes Post Malone back to the 80s!

Thanks again for listening. We hope you enjoy the mayhem and off the cuff spontaneity of these podcasts. It’s always a joy to converse with such talented producers.

If there is anyone you’d like us to get on, please let us know email [email protected]

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