The Imaging Hangout Podcast - Episode 9 - Adam Schneider & Sidey

Episode 9! Here. We. Go!

Rock 100.5 super producer Adam Schneider joins us (again). This time on clean line that doesn't sound like two cups and a piece of string! He's joined by Michael 'Sidey' Andersen. Triple M / SCA Imaging producer and comedy genius!

We chat about the evolution of Rock Imaging and how it compares to CHR.
If you were to start a Rock band, what would you call it?
oh and.....err, what's the last song you'd want to listen to before you die?

As always, thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy the mayhem and off the cuff spontaneity of these podcasts. It’s always a joy to converse with such talented producers.
If there is anyone you’d like us to get on, please let us know email us - [email protected]

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